Japanese ventriloquist TAZUKO

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I am CHATARIC@qTAZUKO ) ,@a ventriloquist living in Osaka, Japan.

I started ventriloquism 28 years ago and have been working as a fulltime ventriloquist.

doing shows in schools, kindergartens, childrenfs museums

local festivals and corporate events.

Also I am teaching ventriloquism at a college and some other schools.

Since 1996, I have been attending the annual ventriloquism conventions in the US

to further sharpen and expand my performance skills.

I am currently creating my original show combining some Japanese techniques

with the American styles I have studied.

Mark Wade conducted workshop in Osaka, 2015

Let's practice

amazing technique

We havent seen these unique charators in Japan .

They fascinated the participants with their

friendly manners .

He inspired the Japanese ventriloquists from all over the country on April 19th 2015.

.Then 80 participants were able to learn a lot .
His powerful quick reaction amazed us.

Wendy Holden Fenwick conducted workshop in Osaka, 2011

Wendy Holden Fenwick conducted a workshop in Osaka Japan. on May 29, 2011

WendyAa ventriloquist living in London, has developed a large Japanese following

since she began to be featured as a special guest in a Tokyo ventriloquist festival.

I also invited her to give a workshop in my city, Osaka, and we are long-time friends....

She charmed us with
her warm and sweet approach to younger viewers

and her special talents as a ventriloquist.

Female ventriloquists in particular admired her teaching efforts

and were
deeply touched by her attempts to entertain sick children in hospitals.

Dan Horn conducted his fifth workshop in Osaka ,2012

It was a great honor for me to once again welcome Dan Horn to Osaka, Japan for a two-day

ventriloquism workshop that was held on
November 10, 11, 2012

This was Dan's fifth visit to the area to teach ventriloquism (he also came in 2006, 2008, and 2009, 2010).

This event attracted a total of 80 people from all over the country (19 prefectures), a mark of

Dan's growing reputation, which has spread both by word of mouth and through the Internet.

Many of the participants attended past workshops, but there were also
43 newcomers.

On the first day, Dan conducted a large-scale workshop (for 78 people) and instructed everyone with his usual

friendly and relaxed attitude.

He began by introducing his always charming figure,
Orson, and quickly enchanted everyone with the

wonderful illusion of ventriloquism.

Everyone clapped loudly and those who had never seen Dan before were left
speechless by his

stunning technique

On the next day Dan presented workshops for small groups of people which focused in particular on his

more about. Dan coached them with great patience and generosity, and everyone appreciated this invaluable


The most amazing part of the event was when Dan borrowed a puppet from one of the participants and

immediately brought it to life,
complete with a wholly unique character .

despite the language barrier, Dan made everyone burst out laughing as he demonstrated how to imbue a figure

a variety of characters (children, senior citizens, men, women, clowns, and animals), and gave

them a distinct, lifelike quality.

The overt expression of emotion is something that is generally avoided in Japanese culture, so many Japanese

ventriloquists find it difficult to master this important aspect of the craft, making this lesson especially

thrilling and useful.

We deeply appreciated Dan's careful instruction and I am confident that our skills have improved, if somewhat

slowly, thanks to his dedicated efforts in each of the four workshops over the last several years. He also

provided us with
important hints concerning mental preparation via comments on topics such as

ad-libbing, stage presence, and stage fright. We took special note of these ideas and enjoyed his funny

anecdotes, including one about being on the David Letterman show, and another about dealing with a heckler at

a comedy club. 

We have learned a tremendous amount from Dan Horn by adopting his concept of creating the illusion of

ventriloquism, an idea which is often missing from Japanese ventriloquism. Moreover, he has filled us with

greater motivation to entertain people with more advanced techniques. We will continue to strive toward

the goal of "manipulating the puppet naturally and smoothly, and giving special thought to the details."

2008 his second workshop in Osaka